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Scifikids | Augmented Reality India | Innovare Augmented Reality is a technology that merges your physical environment with digitally produced information of the object you see through your camera.
Fotokids An illustration against the racism, women violence,
Fun Recycled Fashion. Year 4 kids from Spain
Fun Recycled Fashion. Year 4 kids from Spain
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest Storyboards
Chelsea GPJr Kids : Defend the Forest
Chelsea GPJr Kids Act-Out The Monkey and the Crocodile
Chelsea GPJr Kids Visit the Lenox Lounge
Kids Teaching Kids
RAP Kids All About Me
RAP Kids

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PEACE FOR THE KIDS I did this to represent that children need to be on a peaceful environment, and nowadays there are world wars, so this must be changed.
globalgallery Cartoons
How Much Time We Had ??!! 2 kids watching the future and wondering how much time we had to face this !!
Tags: climate change, global warming, warm, sun, bad weather, kids, wonder, how
butterfly30 Collage
Fotokids/Valeria illustration, respect, dignity.
Tags: illustration, respect, dignity, guatemala.
evelynmansilla Collage
Help, don't wast your food, the kids in Africa are starving HELP!
Lucurio Computer Graphics
Obama kids Obama children of all cultures happy to be together
clarita Computer Graphics Call To Action It is not often that we get the chance to help so many people with just one kind action, but we would like to introduce you to a dedicated group of people who are providing those actions everyday to over 13 million children around the world - Africa Aids Fund, Inc. a 501c3 non-profit organization based in the United States. With its driving...
Tags: hao, final, new, song, 3, aids, orphans, charity, donate, clothing, kids, need
HAO2212 Mixed Media
Global Kids Carwash Our Business Logo!
preuger Mixed Media
Gardeners Road - Global Kids Carwash! Drue designed our company's logo. She chose the colours blue and green for a calming, natural influence, purple because it is a popular kid's colour and pink and yellow because the represent happiness.
preuger Mixed Media
KIDS AT SCHOOL FUTUREKIDS ensures that all children have access to the latest applications and equipment in the rapidly changing world of information technology.
choyg8 Painting, Oil
Kids More kids from the North
Epona Painting, Oil