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Laughing Obama Obama smiling for everyone!
clarita Computer Graphics
Obama Laughing with us Obama laughing with us
clarita Computer Graphics
Laughing Laughing is part of being an African woman, my people say that he/she who laughs well eats twice and this is the place where the beauty of a woman and the goodness of life is expressed to the fullest. Laughing is like the food of the soul and the stream that is tracked without drowning. It expresses the human person and unites us in the...
ekwuruke Photography, Black and White
A colorful laugh an original painting by me
Tags: children
gayatriartist Painting, Acrylic
laughter after the pain it is an pen drawing showing that now there can be laughter after the pain of injustice in south africa
gisela Ink, Pen
laughing Laughing is to show what I want to bring and contrubute to someone's life. A smile, a laugh and even a grin can do no harm
gisela Ink, Pen
LAUGHTER says the child playful creative hands with primary colours
Tags: change
jenergy Painting, Acrylic
Trying to Laugh at myself! In India we don't have customs like Haloween; we neither have anything where adults relishes the child within!...It really helps sometimes to come out of your regular self & be something else! This was a photoshop miracle, not an actual face-paint on the Haloween night, when I happene to be in California. I wish I could have done it in public...
mews Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Excitment! Pakistan laugh :-) Misri, Laughing boy from Pakistan who works in the rural community of Pakistan to ensure sexual and reproductive rights of young boy and girls.
Tags: youth, sexual rights, human rights, south asia, hiv and aids
milinda Photography, Colour
Hugo Chavez Laughing in the rain Hugo Chavez try to have a speech during a meeting, but the rain come to interrupt him...and he kaught a lot !
Tags: chavez, laugh, rain, pastels, drawing
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel