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Submissions (76)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
A leaf Glamour...only a human characteristic?
awaqeel Photography, Colour
A Leaf During a Storm
majd Photography, Black and White
Banana Leaf In my front yard; just thought it had beautiful color.
ilovebobmarley86 Photography, Colour
Banana tree leaf and fruits
kwessy Photography, Colour
Dead Leaf Praying Mantis, Deroplatys desiccata Snapped in Malaysia, this is the most amazing Praying Mantis I have ever seen! It's camouflage reflects the leaf litter it hunts in - clearly another forest species worth protection.
Tags: dead leaf praying mantis, forest, insect, wildlife
tara88 Photography, Colour
Dismantled Leaf
catzpaw Photography, Colour
five leafs clover there were only five leaf clover hard to find them in any places i was lucky to find them and so stunned always looks like the only three leaf clover we usually sees
Tags: clover
Postmamy Photography, Colour
Flyleaf This is a print that I did as a tribute to the band Flyleaf. They are a Christian band that I admire. This year the singer, Lacey Sturm, left to be with her family. There is a new singer but I still miss Lacey. This is a tribute to her amazing songs that she wrote and performed without shame.
labellasorella Print
Leaf This is another one of the quick sketches that I created while brainstorming logo ideas for an upcoming conference.
jenergy Painting
aforster Photography, Colour