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Lets study I painted this on my room's wall where I study...I wanna make study a joyful thing to do so I painted what I wish in such a way,
Tags: lets, study, its fun
TazeemSadiq Drawing, Crayon
Lets take care of our planet Matos Jara Alejandra - 3rd Grade Primary
ciencias-fmalpartida Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Lets be friends New shoes.
TimHawkins Ink, Brush
lets talk when external forces are more than you, talking is the only peaceful way
sospeterson Painting, Oil
Lets Go To The Market Fixed your Time For Every Thing, Its the Arts Market
wahooe Photography, Colour
Belt of Bullets Taken of someone I met at a party. It was powerful.
ilovebobmarley86 Photography, Colour
Sanitation to all construct toilets Artist(s): Manshi Shendey Organization: Community Development Centre The project sanitation to all is planned to raise awareness on sanitation issues, There is huge problem to women due to unavailability of sanitation is rural and urban slums. This project worked at the community level also, children's raised this issue and designed posters and...
ayv Photography, Colour
Trees for change, Lets avoid land degradation The pictures were taken in Kabarnet,Tambash and Machakos -Kenya. Let's plant more trees and practice good land(soil) management to avoid land degradation.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Lets go to school! Education is most important for all. Many children are out of school. We need to raise this issue, why are children out of school?
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated