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Lettering Still on interactive lettering, this is my presentation of the letter C in collage form. I presented it during my first year pin up and it came out very strongly.
mmtairo Collage
Lettering-Collage Still on a study of letters, here I chose to study the letter A to a very high extent using collage. I presented this during my first year pin up.
mmtairo Collage
Lettering-Collage 2 Here, I chose letter X in addition to the other letters that I have studied and I have done a critical study of it in collage to come up with a 3D image of the letter.
mmtairo Collage
Burning World I decided to create this word silhouette because I love to hand letter, and I love doing things for a good cause. I wanted it to represent the effects of climate change and what it could do to our world.
Tags: united states, california, climate change, heating, lettering
Calligraphist Ink, Pen
Interactive Lettering In the world of lettering art and calligraphy, all that matters is how you present your word to the audience. In my bid to explore lettering to a wider extent and see how I can apply it in my architectural study, I embarked on a mission to present the letter using markers in perspective projection. See what we have there.
mmtairo Markers
Lettering-Mixed Media Collage and Pen & Ink can do wonders together. Here, while trying to pick up lettering to a higher level, I used both medium to study the letter K and how it can be incorporated into words. It was a strong study which I pinned up during my first year presentation.
mmtairo Mixed Media