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things we always hear but never listen to I have selected several songs, by various artists, and these songs contain messages about life, and friendship (Friends never say goodbye, High...) so these songs were gathered in a CD... and I thought that this cover might suit it...
Fantasy Collage
Listen This image describes the importance of music within my life and the lives of those around me. Shading with Lyrics as opposed to cross hatching is a major component to this piece... This is for you Kayley.
Luisa13 Ink, Pen
Peace through Understanding: Listen and You Shall Hear Created by students age 18 at Srednja Skola Oroslavje in Hrvatska, Croatia. Winner, Global Youth Murals Project 2006
Listening When you listen, you don't listen just with your ears, but also with your mind-you have to be there wholy.
urssulasss Drawing, Pencil