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The tiny little pieces of the world These are just the pieces of the world surrounding me. Caught by accident, they are often the only remnants of what my eyes got to see...

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run, little blue leopard It was made with the light soft clay, the student design wings for leopard, She wanted to encourage her classmates to run very fast like leopard in the Sport Day. Run and fly… : )
houli 3D Graphics
DanYang Cai—— My little Paradise Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be Use of stone, shell, bubble, paperboard, to be coloured and pasted . It is my little paradise.
JiaHuang Collage
Little Boy Blue Seeing into someone else's mind, someone whose silence is misunderstood as madness...
Shoma Drawing, Pastel
My Little Ancient School This piece of art takes me back to the former days little me walk daily to my nursery school which looks exactly like my art. The whole scene fills me with joy and happiness every time it hits my mind.
Marquee Drawing, Pencil
little sparow Little sparow pencil.
teddibubbles Drawing, Pencil
My Little Brother's Picture My little brother drew this picture. Sometimes children draw things that adult people can't draw.
salamat92 Drawing, Pencil
fairy with little hands This work talks more about the differences: First because she`s a fairy and the people usually ignore others when they don't have the same nationality, ideas, etc. and she has little hands because she shown us the physical differences
aranel-ireth Drawing, Pencil
The Little Prince I read 'The Little Prince' for my grade 12 English class and felt compelled to paint this picture. I have just read the SparkNotes summary on the Little Prince and think I know why I was so inspired by this story...<br /> <br /> "The protagonist of the story, he is a symbol of hope, love, compassion, and the child in all of us. Although he...
jenergy Painting
Little princess
nathalieghioni Painting
Little Rapids General Store Built in 1890, this General store located in Northern Ontario continues to thrive against all odds with the support of the surrounding community, international vacationers, and hard work by the owner and my father Mervin Brooks. I had the pleasure to live in the house attached above and behind this store for 18 years. My bedroom was the window...
carolynbrooks Painting, Acrylic