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The tiny little pieces of the world These are just the pieces of the world surrounding me. Caught by accident, they are often the only remnants of what my eyes got to see...

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Mask: Teen Suicide by Amy Little Teen suicide is a worldwide problem. I've tried to show that most of the bullying that eventually leads to suicide happens over the internet. I've included a list of words spread out over the mask representing what most depressed teens feel as well as representing what they think of themselves: words such as "worthless, unwanted, unloved,...
Tags: teen suicide, bullying, depression, teenagers, youth
JNeville Sculpture
a little birds this is little bird, in sri lanka. this bird is living in the paddy fields.they eating paddy.
ashroffali Photography, Colour
two little birds this is couple of little birds, in sri lanka. these birds is living in the paddy fields.they eating paddy.
ashroffali Photography, Colour
Little But Beauti A wonderful place. Every one visit this place, I am fully impressive with there people,society and small but beautiful valley. Which is locate in Nepal at Lamjung region.Grenvalley club is the best community organization and it's activities really touch my heart .Greatlly,i am sad , i can't manage my time to play and talk about social...
shakti Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Louis: The Little Devil
CarinaB Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Little Insurgent Monument The sculpture of a young boy who wears an oversized helmet commemorates the heroic children who fought against the occupiers during the Warsaw Uprising in 1944. Behind the statue is a wall with the engraved words of a popular song from the period: ‘Warsaw children will go off to fight, we will, our capital, shed blood over every stone’. The...
gpjwarsaw-jank Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Little Prince I read 'The Little Prince' for my grade 12 English class and felt compelled to paint this picture. I have just read the SparkNotes summary on the Little Prince and think I know why I was so inspired by this story...<br /> <br /> "The protagonist of the story, he is a symbol of hope, love, compassion, and the child in all of us. Although he...
jenergy Painting
Little princess
nathalieghioni Painting
little bird
Willis Photography, Colour
A little Goop goes a Long Way Dig that Drool
martin83 Photography, Colour