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The Lives of the Sekolah Bisa Children (The CAN school) This submission is a video created by myself and a group of students at my school, The British School of Jakarta, Indonesia. In this video we showcase our partner school “Sekolah Bisa” and its students, all of whom are children living in the shanty towns of Jakarta. This school was created by previous students of the British School as part of...
Tags: video, shanty, shantychildren, poverty, indonesia, third-world countries
michsinggih Computer Graphics
We still have the power to choose in which side we want to live! If we do the right thing we can save our planet and live symmetrically with nature.
Tags: brazil, brasília, Tupi Guarani, ClimateChanging, airpollution, droughts, floods, saveourplanet
ingrid2209 Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Construct Water Ways - Save Lives UCHECI MERE UDONSI, a JS 3 student of The Lords College Keffi, is illustrating the effects of floods in her community which is as result of lack of well-contrusted water ways and some human activities like dumping refuse inside the waterbodies and drains which causes Flooding thereby destroying lives and properties.
Tags: flooding, water, drainages, Save Lives
jojoblossoms Computer Graphics
Saving nature, Saving lives A student´s watercolor work that depicts the connection of indigenous people and Earth.
Tags: brazil, Taguatinga, indigenous people, deforestation
IsabelTeixeira Painting, Watercolour
Our lives affected by urbanisation, floods.... Name of the Artist: Sachin Urade (supported by Larsen Toubro Public Charitable Trust) Age: 27 Address: Patilpada-Kawada, Talasari Block, Palghar-District. Maharashtra, India....
Tags: india, maharashtra, Warli Indigenous tribe, global warming, climate change, urbanisation, floods
clannapurna Painting
Palestinian small factory for producing olives- المصبنة Another remnant of the palestinian way of life before war of 48 in El lyd city!. this structure was a small factory for producing Olives... now its a deserted structure, thrown aside!. you can notice the contrast between this beautiful structure which seems as if it grew up with the land at once, and those buildings behind (israeli buildings)...
ruba Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Bottle of Life i believe that even when the worst things happen to us, something good will happen... and what i want to express is that once the bad things are over, good things will happen..
Tags: bottle, hearts, splash, hope, love, live
qianyimelia Markers
Yours Truly When one finds a true sense of belonging, he/she is able to see life through a new perspective because he/she no longer has to question his/her own existence and instead, seek greater truths about the world in which surrounds him/her.
Tags: world, love, friendship, belong, inspire, dream, art, paint, oil pastel, beautiful, life, live
anniechenster Mixed Media
Trying to live The entire world is full of corruption and bad messages to children, we live, somehow in a place where everythings about competition, everythings about stepping over the oponent, now, wheres love? I need some of that, it just lost its meaning... can we save all that, so that we can live in a better world? I used a single blue ballpen to draw... Ink, Pen
I live by the river - February 2003
Jarra Computer Graphics