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"LET'S SAVE LIVES" The tree symbolizes "life". While, tying the gun refers to "stop violence". A greener environment means peace, and peace refers to life, a good life, that can only be achieve when violence cease to exist.
Tags: environment, tree planting, saving mother earth, saving people\s lives
ArizNWonderland Computer Graphics
15 seconds are 15 lives renewed Blood run though the veins in these fingers for the purpose of growth. In 15 seconds filthy blood may be running through the same veins of the same fingers for a purpose other than growth - death! In health, 15 seconds are 15 lives renewed.
chakablazy Photography, Colour
A gift of livelihood
girlesau Mixed Media
Bottle of Life i believe that even when the worst things happen to us, something good will happen... and what i want to express is that once the bad things are over, good things will happen..
Tags: bottle, hearts, splash, hope, love, live
qianyimelia Markers
Church, Refugee of Wild Live (Iglesia, Refugio de Vida Silvestre Pasochoa) De subida al refugio de vida silvestre pasochoa se puede ver esta antigua iglesia!
panchurtado Photography, Colour
Construct Water Ways - Save Lives UCHECI MERE UDONSI, a JS 3 student of The Lords College Keffi, is illustrating the effects of floods in her community which is as result of lack of well-contrusted water ways and some human activities like dumping refuse inside the waterbodies and drains which causes Flooding thereby destroying lives and properties.
Tags: flooding, water, drainages, Save Lives
jojoblossoms Computer Graphics
Cotton (The Fabric of Our Lives) The legacy of the cotton fields in the United States
elmoreart Mixed Media
How to Live On?
Photography, Digitally Manipulated
I live by the river - February 2003
Jarra Computer Graphics
Learn Love Live Three of the most important words in the world
hmw102 Computer Graphics