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Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Living on the Borders How does it feel to be living on the borders of your country, and never being allowed to get in... Can anyone get used to that feeling of not having a home? Of trying to imagine and dream? How does it feel to be home? Is that fair? To live that kind of life? To be a stranger all the way?
yarinos Cartoons
People living with HIV This picture is a collage showing people from different social class/status that have the HIV virus. It highlights how different the experience of living with HIV/AIDS can be depending on the resources available to a person.
Tags: epic
Merrhiem Collage
The Living Rainbow The parrot on the picture is a living rainbow. The nature is very wise.
salamat92 Drawing, Pencil
Living Room 2D
sassisassoon Drawing, Pencil-crayon
LIVING HOUSE DOME SPHERE An alternative architecture and design of ecohouse - it is a new style of life. The structure of the ecohouse is standard rectilinear elements produced at a factory during two days. It is economic and possesses a high strength. The erection of ecohouse may be performed on a minimum area of the building site with any angle of inclination...
JURI Ink, Pen
LIVING ROOM 2D Water markers
sassisassoon Markers
Bring Darfur into our Living Rooms Plight and awareness of the refugees.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Living Living room custom designed.
sassisassoon Mixed Media
Healthy Living
girlesau Mixed Media
Global Angel Of Living Waters Global angel that guards over Earth's living waters.
clarita Mixed Media