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Submissions (49)

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Healthy living vegan smoothie
KathrynSabo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Stop Surviving and Start Living Created by students age 16 years old at National College Mihai Eminescu
Tags: peace
PTPIGYM Painting
Earning a living through the trades / Gagner sa vie grâce au commerce This Afghan man earns money by making shoes on the side of a street. -- Cet Afghan gagne de l'argent en fabriquant des chaussures dans les rues.
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
Living! Bangladesh children
Tags: bangladesh, children
Design Photography, Colour
Living Positively
muntsir Photography, Black and White
Living in my World This is a compare and contrast type of poem that discusses the impact of women's mental health through poverty and violence. It compares the thoughts of a husband and his doing along with those of the women and how she feels about all that she must go through.
nirif Print
The Cost of Living. Virtually. This describes the growing anxiety amongst the virtual community we live in. Everyday predators use new strategies to threaten potential users of the world wide web. In using the web, we must. In protecting ourselves, we must. But trying to balance the two is a constant source of confusion, stress and paranoia.
cherrie Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Living Space This photograph depicts my late grandfather's kitchen at in his home in West Texas. I chose this subject because even though it is a very humble place, the bright light coming in the window, shiny pots on the stove, and clean dishes on the counter created a cheerful and happy feeling. It was taken with black & white 35mm film and digitally...
Jasonda Photography, Digitally Manipulated
We all are living here in this beautiful land We all are living in this beautiful land
ismailswati Painting
Land of Living Skies My co-worker ANN DONOVAN snapped this photo while at her summer cottage in Saskatchewan, Canada. This was the beginning of what was to be a wild 1 hour storm. Notive the face, or the "head" of the storm - WOW! And here's the real neat thing: Saskatchewan's motto is "Land Of Living Skies". I think this captured photo puts new meaning to our...
gvsben Photography, Colour