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Bring Darfur into our Living Rooms Plight and awareness of the refugees.
elmoreart Mixed Media
Costs of Living! The relationship between man and earth has never been simple and sweet. Man, an animal, was just another biological being, a part of the mother nature until it realised the unique gift of nature: Intelligence. And there started the superiority complex of man. The intelligence that ought have been used to improve the symbiotic relationship...
Tags: earth, greed, man, exploitation, survival, relationship, nature, pollution, degradation, human, considering, climate, change, breathe, clean, sustainable, planet
shaktig39 Painting, Watercolour
Earning a living through the trades / Gagner sa vie grâce au commerce This Afghan man earns money by making shoes on the side of a street. -- Cet Afghan gagne de l'argent en fabriquant des chaussures dans les rues.
mfurdyk Photography, Colour
Global Angel Of Living Waters Global angel that guards over Earth's living waters.
clarita Mixed Media
Healthy living vegan smoothie
KathrynSabo Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Healthy Living
girlesau Mixed Media
Improve our living conditions Artist(s): Srikanth Panigrahy Organization: Youth for Social Development This photo tell thousand words how children living in difficult circumstance and unsafe living conditions in slums in Berhampur city.
ayv Photography, Colour
Just For A Living Simple life....
deenaz Photography, Colour
Land of Living Skies My co-worker ANN DONOVAN snapped this photo while at her summer cottage in Saskatchewan, Canada. This was the beginning of what was to be a wild 1 hour storm. Notive the face, or the "head" of the storm - WOW! And here's the real neat thing: Saskatchewan's motto is "Land Of Living Skies". I think this captured photo puts new meaning to our...
gvsben Photography, Colour
Let's play for our living envioronment Artist(s): B Saloni Organization: Youth for Social Development Children in slums are getting chance to play and raise their voice against violation of their rights.
ayv Photography, Colour