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Hybrid Fishphant Hybrid Fishphant is a hybrid animal that is a combination of various other animals. It represents a hybrid global culture comprising of various elements of local customs, cultures, morals, and ethics. I look at the Hybrid Fishphant as representing a new global hybrid culture rooted and created on the basis of diverse and converging local...
Tags: animal, hybrid, fishphant, elephant, culture, hybrid culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Kangaroo Fish “Kangaroo Fish” represents cultural globalization. Inside its pouch, this hybrid kangaroo fish carries the different flavors of the local cultural fishes that it nurtures and influences in this global world. While some may look at the Kangaroo Fish, as the predator eating away the smaller local fishes, I look at the Kangaroo Fish as a new global...
Tags: kangaroo, fish, kangaroo fish, hybrid culture, hybrid, culture, global, local, globalization, glocal
shenyll Mixed Media
Local culture An image depicting the way part of a country's culture can be borrowed and adapted by a much powerful country so that in the end history doesn't remember its origin
andreiadobrota Computer Graphics
Think Locally, Act Globally <b>Appraisal</b> Education, western or,and indegineous remains the strong tool to freedom of humanity it spans through ages like a sage's footprints as the mark of time from hieroglyph on scrolls to sight and sound on digital renditons the world is free and the entire humanity liberated from the hinges oppressions and depressions...
adisart Drawing, Pencil-crayon
choyg8 Photography, Colour
Think Globally, Act Locally How did the Free Store begin? The Free Store originated in early 2000 with a group of activists caught up in the anti-globalization movement that was so rampant at the time. We took the “Think Globally, Act Locally” idea to heart. We were overflowing with dumpster-dived goodies and started to give them out for free. During college, a group of...
JURI Photography, Colour
CRAFT LOCAL THE FREAK ART MAMONOV Haeg will be hosting and conducting the following programs as part of his Sundown Schoolhouse course offerings for 2007: For Spring 2007, the theme is “Planet of the Humans." For Fall 2007, the theme is “People to People." Information on the course offerings appears on Fritz Haeg s website. “Let architects sing of aesthetics that...
JURI Photography, Colour
THINK GLOBALLY-ART LOCALLY MAMONOV There is a lawn and garden revolution currently taking place in the heartland. “Garden," as we know it, typically conjures up images of a private, enclosed space - a protected visual oasis - a patchworked quilt of cultivated herbs and seasonal vegetables. “Lawn”, for most, has less romantic connotations, though its origins, “laund”, suggests a...
JURI Photography, Colour
A Local Farmer in Chismaute A farmer in Ecuador after losing his crops to unpredictable reversed growing seasons due to climate change.
Tags: ecuador, farming, climate change
zacmosphere Photography, Colour
A Local Farmer A farmer in the hills of Chismaute, Ecuador who told me that the wet season and dry season change unpredictably due to climate change. The village's potato crops all failed.
zacmosphere Photography, Colour