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Qitian Wang—— A Magic Electric Cat This is a magic electric cat. When there is light, its right eye will rotate and its body rotate slowly, too. If there is no light, it will stop immediately. Is it interesting?  Its appearance is made from a waste paper box and four ice cream sticks, but a circuit which is composed of a photosensitive sensor, a motor, a battery box, a relay and...
JiaHuang 3D Graphics
African Magic in football! During the qualifying round to the World Cup 2006, a game was played in Nairobi, Kenya, between Morocco and Kenya. At some point during the game, a huge vulture came and stood on the Moroccan post. Some spectators thought it's African magic!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Magic flowers [The magic flowers represent the softness of a woman's spirit]. MAGIC FLOWERS Woman rests, In her own creative world, Safe from harm, Playing with the soft reflections, that shine from her gentle spirit.
clarita Computer Graphics
magic branch زخرفه بالوان خشبيه
ZeinabAhmedAli Drawing, Pencil
Magic What is magic? Dolphings jumping out of water? Sword shielding all the week from the evil? An elf? A ray of sunshine, which makes our hearts warm? A drop of water?
urssulasss Drawing, Pencil-crayon
magic один только взгляд может ести магию невероятных ощущуений
Ksyu Painting, Acrylic
Magic tree Weather
kiiiik Painting, Acrylic
magic of blue telangana girls handling umbrellas in spring season
kapparikishan Painting, Acrylic
The Magic of Forests What happened to the magic and mystery associated with forests? What happened to that shiver down your back and the curiousity and the tingling excitement when you walk through the trees? Where have the fairys gone? Science and globalisation appear to have almost abolished the mystery and adventure humans associate with forests, wooland,...
Tags: forest, magic, childhood
-Caroline- Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Magic Stars Here were my objectives for this sculpture: Create a figurative work in clay that defines a representation of a mythic figure in contemporary culture. . Work with the resonance of your chosen materials.
jenergy Sculpture