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Kia Bicknell, Project Borneo, deforestACTION agent!! :) Please help me save the Orang-utans ! make a difference !
Tags: kia bicknells movie, kia bicknell, project borneo, education, environment, orang-utans, deforestation, 3d action movie, tig, make a difference, orangutan sanctuary
Keyzie91 Mixed Media
Make a difference No words Just think!
Anabia Print
Make a difference
girlesau Mixed Media
Make a Difference! Always, I like to make reference to youths as the best change agents the world would ever have. Making a difference needs a concept. What concept? This image depicts that the world lies in our hands and we can only create impact beginning from our immediate environment, that is our world, and gradually, and through experience and...
unyimeabasi Computer Graphics