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Carrying Our Future We tried to show the various world indigenous peoples' artwork as well as the effects of pollution/carbon on our oceans. Left top fin: represents the Haida/ Westcoast First Nations people Head of turtle: represents the Inuit people Right top fin: represents the woodland cree/ Algonquian First Nation people Bottom right fin: represents the...
Tags: canada, saskatoon, haida, inuit, cree, algonquin, south america, Pacific Islander, maori, climate change impact
tgodwald Mixed Media
Maori Creation Myth The visual is based on the Maori myth featured on your site. The humanised earth and sky embrace each other and the man struggles hard to separate them through the thrust of his shoulders. As the faces of sky above and earth below part rays of sun are visible. The faces of earth and sky bear gloomy expression owing to their separation. The...
ramanbhardwaj Mixed Media
Maori Creation Myth Based on the myth I produced this interpretation.
nicant Painting, Watercolour