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Submissions (50)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
joconda Drawing, Charcoal
Mask This artwork represents a short period in my life where I was isolated from everyone else and started being very expressive, so much that in areas of the painting where I wanted the white to show I was able to actually tear the paper itself in order for the light to show from underneath.
ainhoart Drawing, Pastel
Dream Mask Drawn from an image in a dream. A flash of a masked persona.
Ooma Drawing, Pastel
Masked Hate to be exposed, love to be masked.
xHindx Drawing, Pencil
earth's gas mask earth's gas mask
jfherrera2 Drawing, Pencil
ritual mask
antbarron Mixed Media
More than a Mask Three teens come together to remind everyone the importance of wearing a mask and its benefits when it comes to COVID-19. (Urgent Inc. / F.A.C.E)
Tags: #UrgentInc, #morethanamask, #wearamask, #preventcovid-19, #thechildrentrust, #themiamifoundation
woodnicolas22 Mixed Media
The Mask One of the many images of Goddess Durga portraying the power of imagination.
ilaxman Painting
Ravens Mask
palejewel Painting
Masked this is titled Masked. I was really sick with mono, and had just gotten my tonsils out when i painted this.
rockaturban Painting, Acrylic