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Submissions (50)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
Taking Flight The image is of an origami crane folded from a typical medical face mask. It is inspired from the new restrictions, finding a way to embrace them creatively with an old craft. (Intern at Urgent Inc)
Tags: quarantine, origami, crane, mask
NahiaP Photography, Colour
Mask: Teen Suicide by Amy Little Teen suicide is a worldwide problem. I've tried to show that most of the bullying that eventually leads to suicide happens over the internet. I've included a list of words spread out over the mask representing what most depressed teens feel as well as representing what they think of themselves: words such as "worthless, unwanted, unloved,...
Tags: teen suicide, bullying, depression, teenagers, youth
JNeville Sculpture
Mask: Mental Illness by: Christine Ferguson The aim to have one mask peeling off of another one to show what someone with mental illness might feel on the inside.
Tags: mental illness, youth, teenagers
JNeville Sculpture
Dream Mask Drawn from an image in a dream. A flash of a masked persona.
Ooma Drawing, Pastel
Mask (photomanipulation)
houk Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Woman Warrior 18"x18" acrylic painting
Tags: woman, global, strength, colorful, black, mask
KellySimpson Painting, Acrylic
Eccoblue Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The Mask One of the many images of Goddess Durga portraying the power of imagination.
ilaxman Painting
Ravens Mask
palejewel Painting
THE MASK Originally planned as a landfill site, the garbage eventually filled the pit created for it, and now rises over thirty meters in places. Smoky Mountain is home, workplace and playground to about eighty thousand and rising people. Other Filipinos call them ang mga taong nakatira sa tibi ng basura, which, in Tagalog, literally means people living...
choyg8 Photography, Colour