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Cannabis Equipment Leasing Cannabis Loans can be short term or long term, depending on the purpose of the loan. We also provide cannabis business loans for legal hemp businesses in all 50 states and DC. Get the best Cannabis Loans to suit all your needs at competitive interest rates. Check your eligibility and visit our website,
Dan Pimental Risk Management Align financial services group is the financial close and reporting processes with detailed operational planning​, creative team of young proud ceo experts working together on new strategy. To align financial services groups are skilled at developing and implementing financial strategies. Align financial services group focuses on serving...
Connected North@Home Student Gallery During the 2020 COVID Pandemic, students from across Canada participated in live video conferences to connect with artists, scientists, actors, museums and galleries all over the world. Through this time, students created a variety of artwork. These images were the result of their learning and sharing.
SUPER EXPRESS VIETNAM VISA ON ARRIVAL, IMMEDIATELY VIETNAM VISA Do you need to be processed your Vietnam visa immediately? Get Vietnam visa approval letter within 5 minutes to 4 working hours or even on Vietnam holiday, non-working time. Vietnam Visa Express Service If you have a Vietnam visa application needs to be processed immediately, you could benefit from using our same day Express Vietnam visa on...
Personal Development Coach No more excuses! Today is the day you are going to change your life. Start now to make the changes to live the life you always wanted! I will help you channel your energy and focus towards the right direction. Book a free consultation to find out how!
Scifikids | Augmented Reality India | Innovare Augmented Reality is a technology that merges your physical environment with digitally produced information of the object you see through your camera.
The Renewable Energy,Waste Management,and Character building Student The program to issue to Suistainable world with: 1.The Renewable Energy 2.Waste Management 3.Character building Student
Auto Stamper : Timestamp Camera for Photos Capture and mark your “Happy Memories or Priceless Moments” of Life by adding a Stamp on it with Auto Stamper. With this Application, you can add up to 4 Stamps at a time named Date and Time, Signature Text, GPS Location and Watermark Logo on Photographs captured with the Inbuilt Camera of your Smartphone(Android). Then depending upon your...
Auto Stamper : Timestamp Camera for Photos Capture and mark your “Happy Memories or Priceless Moments” of Life by adding a Stamp on it with Auto Stamper. With this Application, you can add up to 4 Stamps at a time named Date and Time, Signature Text, GPS Location and Watermark Logo on Photographs captured with the Inbuilt Camera of your Smartphone(Android). Then depending upon your...
Being me I enjoy life with a free gift of being free.
Colonial Home Care LLC Colonial Home Care LLC has experienced, skilled and licensed home care and companion care professionals. Our compassionate caregivers do their level best to help their clients live a happy and comfortable life. Colonial Home Care serves the whole Northern VA area.
Agents of Awesome A presentation discussing Autism Spectrum Disorder: what it is and one example of associated sensory behaviours and behaviour modifications, the increasing prevalence around the world and the impact of inequities due to the social determinants of health.
VIDEO ARCADE GAME ROOM AT COSTA RICA'S CALL CENTER Telemarketers and customer service agents may burn out after a period of time. That is a fact. CCC has dropped the standard attrition rate dramatically. In addition, the attendance rate has remained at a relative high for industry call center standards just from the implementation of the game room. Let off steam in a call center video game room....
Best Metal Detector
Customer Satisfaction Survey Voice in the Customer is critical to conveying solid remarks from clients or Satisfaction Survey that permits your business to develop gainfully and build customer dependability. Jusfeedback Services is a gathering of specialized and examination experts who have profound information of Vovici's innovations and exploration strategies,...
yongmei luo's class
Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions Some of the completed project of Virtual Reality Interactive Application Development & Solutions by YantramStudio.
Natural Hair Re-growth and Hair Loss treatment in VA Vadim Ltd is internationally recognized in best hair restoration, men hair implants, natural hair loss cure & hair reshaping, replacement & re-growth treatment Clinics in Arlington VA & Washington DC.
Waldron Mercy video conference 23Jan15
Unit 2 Project: London Keys Meadow
Hong Kong Unit 2 Project: Advertisement
Sustainability Games
Sustainability Games
Sustainability Games
Sustainability Games
Brisbane Central Meetings
Growing investment opportunities for medical professionals The medical fraternity in India has never had a single window opportunity to invest smartly in real estate. Considering the round the clock professional commitments they keep, they rarely get the time to look at real estate as a critical component of their service offering - that can help take their services to new residential & business...
Moments of Inclusion A call for artistic expressions from youth: Reflect on a personal experience of inclusion. Where did it take place? Who was with you? Why was this an important part your own life journey? How did the experience influence your identity? As part of this reflection, you are invited to create and share a form of visual art as part of an...
Theater Games
My Water Assignment
My Hometown!
Palisades (Summer 2012)
Our Team and Mentors
Our Working Frames and Flow
Our Team and Mentors
Our Working Frames and Flow
My Water Assignment
My Hometown!
Palisades (Summer 2012)
Sustainability Games
Snack Time Gallery set for Snack Time initiative!
Taradale Primary School - Sets and Costume Design
Unit 3: Sets & Costumes
Wilbury Primary school London Costume design album
Times Square - Theater District
GIN of the Americas 2012 Film Festival Explore this amazing collection of videos submitted from schools across the Americas for the 2012 Global Issues Network Conference at Graded School in October 2012!
Palisades (Summer 2012)
Ciudad de Mexico - Junio 14 y 15
My Hometown!
My Water Assignment
Pawsome Pets Unit 3 Project
Unit 3 Project- R+D Laboratory: Peakhurst South- 'Pawsome Pets'
Compare Cheesy 7 commercials
DLab comes to Brookwood
Our Working Frames and Flow
Our Team and Mentors
Some of my own creations This is my very first creations of pictures.
Some of my creations This is my very first creations of pictures.
Waste Management photos
Game Addiction video games addiction
Game Addiction video games addiction
Keys Meadow Children
PSA Textual Harassment
Omer's truck
TOP 50 Action Agent: Amelia Swan's DFA Gallery
Environment Films These are my environmental films on various issues from water to solid waste.
Keys Meadow's Vendor cart
Duha -summer 2010
Education means change (poster) The poster is a project about the situation of education in the world. It demonstrate that developed countries have highest literacy rate than developing countries. It also shows impacts of a good access to education can have on the society.
Metro Life Post are the extreme pictures of the urban life, rurban or city life- I call them "METRO LIFE"... I was born in the city, grew up and made a life in a busy and intriguing place of Metro Manila, heart of the Philippines in terms of business, commercial and many more.
Unit 3: Dig In project by Keys Meadow
Defining Moments Defining Moments: Discovering our Canadian Stories is a national digital media arts and citizenship project aimed at engaging youth across Canada to explore, express and showcase their diverse perspectives on Canadian identity. Moments Décisifs : À la Découverte de nos Histoires Canadiennes, est un projet national de citoyenneté et d’arts...
Scottish Parliament Building Visit
Scottish Parliament Visit
elements These are acrylic paintings that were each created for different friends and family members as a gift of gratitude and in some cases an offer of condolences for the loss of a loved one.
World Class Staff Room Members
Au fond de nous même I make this drawing, in a difficult moment in my life. I was not really fine with my personal liberty, so that was the result. Le résultat d'un moment difficile dans ma vie, ce dessins démontre le fait d'être mal dans sa peau, de se sentir brimé dans sa propre liberté. Enjoy it.
RAP Kids All About Me
Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Université des Sciences et de la Technologie Houari Boumedienne Depuis la création de l’USTHB, plus de cent mille etudiants sont passés sur les bancs de Bab-Ezzouar. Aujourd’hui, une communauté de prés de vingt-cinq mille personnes vit sur le campus, une vingtaine de milliers d’étudiants, plus mille cinq cent enseignants, autant de...
photos that speak - Photovoice & HIV in Cameroon The images in this set are part of the photovoice projects in the Far North region of Cameroon. These CUSO-VSO and VSO Cameroon-supported projects saw cameras handed over to individuals affected or infected by HIV/AIDS so that they could self-represent their vision of, and insights into, programs delivered by VSO’s partners in the region. Their...
Moment of Love Moment of Love
Unrealizable Mending Recycling falsely exonarate consumers from polluting overconsumption...
Clean Me Quick buisness for Howard Community Center
Youth development in Saudi Arabia Focus in the direction of young people and their view of development
Memoria Memoria del conflicto armado interno vivido en el Perú entre los años 1980 a 2000.
Visual Reflection Assignment
Environment All about nature ....
Me ...
Aenorsmedia Albertus Van Wyk, Alchemist/Artist present's: His new unreleased alloy: Aenors(tm)Numinal under the form of a multiconçeptual object with a Nominal and refundable Value of 75€! The "Numinal Aura Booster" in Aenors(tm)Numinal is the result of years of Esoteric study's,Meditation and lab test's in my foundry,...
Leadership. Youth. Development. Youth in the Middle East & North Africa region are faced with a variety of daily struggles, from a lack of clean, fresh water in countries like Palestine, to high unemployment rates in Egypt, to complicated ethnic and religious divisions in Lebanon. Youth have begun gathering together to discuss these issues collectively, and to seek out...
Urban Sustainability: Frame Your City A city is an infinite collage of spaces that are constantly in transit and motion. Gaps often go unnoticed and build a new landscape that is blurry and out of focus. The ‘urban’ lives and breathes in between these gaps, relations between places and people, that also often go unnoticed. It is all periphery put in focus only by our gaze, as...
Millennium Development Goals: 'Vision 2015 - Your Future' Imagine a world where poverty is halved, boys and girls everywhere go to school, gender disparities are eliminated, child mortality is reduced, and maternal health is improved. Imagine HIV/AIDS is halted and its spreading reversed, environmental resources are preserved and sustainable development becomes an everyday practice. All this achieved...
Women's Rights: To Be A Woman Each woman should be equal in her rights to every other woman and man on Earth and, far too often, this is not the case. Discrimination is not only a history, but a process that is fueled every day. It goes beyond categories, builds categories like walls, and uses words like fences; Discrimination ignores basic rights and needs to be...
Refugees: Homes Today millions of people live under the recognized status of "Refugee". For some reason millions of people without a home. Millions of people that leave home, home being a war-torn land. Millions of people whose home has been stolen. Millions of people whose land no longer exists. Millions of people who dream of better conditions, a...
The Power of Media Imagine a billboard at the busiest intersection in the biggest city in the world. Every day, millions of people walk by and see it. This billboard has the power to communicate, connect, open minds, change opinions, and plant seeds for positive action. This billboard is a form of media: the means through which most of our opinions and...
OCIC Development Week Postcards
Millennium Development Goals Mural Project Alberta Council for Global Cooperation, Change for Children Association and Taking IT Global hosted a mural workshop in Edmonton for youth around Alberta with the theme of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thirty youth and volunteers gathered to paint a mural for each of the eight MDGs.
What Makes Me Canadian? Canada represents a wide territory and a diverse range of peoples and regions. With such varied landscapes and populations, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the themes which hold us together, our common identity. TakingITGlobal invites you to present your ideas of Canadian identity in the What Makes Me Canadian global gallery collection.
Consumerism and Pollution Sometimes we buy new goods without paying attention to whether we really need them or not. We don't look at how long they might last, which country they come from or the environmental consequences of manufacturing these goods and how they are disposed. Creating new goods means new factories that need to be built whose operations can create...
Aenorsmedia by Albertus Van Wyk Here i want to expose my collection of "Ikons of the planets soul" based on driftwood's,Pigmentary impregnation and Aenors Art Alloy's !
Uma homenagem aos animais "A compaixão pelos animais está intimamente ligada a bondade de caráter, e quem é cruel com os animais não pode ser um bom homem." Arthur Schopenhauer
What Makes Me Canadian? Canada represents a wide territory and a diverse range of peoples and regions. With such varied landscapes and populations, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the themes which hold us together, our common identity. TakingITGlobal invites you to present your ideas of Canadian identity in the What Makes Me Canadian global gallery collection.
What Makes Me Canadian?
FACES FACING ME People see things differently. I wanted to capture different emotions by focusing on a face alone. The expression one shows in their face is unique.. It speaks of the uniqueness of that person in certain ways. And despite how you try to pattern to make it all the same, the result differs. Thus, my exhibit..
DREAMS COME TRUE I created this exhibit as a place where I come and ask for something and believe it will happen. I welcome you to this place and invite you to share the energy of believing.
Native American [includes all indigenous from around the world] An art exhibit of my indigenous inspirations.
Artistic Creations Of Bernd Wachtmeister Colors, forms, figures - Fine art graphics and visual communication: "I am one of those people who devote a great deal of time to analysing themselves in the context of their surroundings. Many of my feelings, impressions and thoughts find expression in my artistic work. They come to light, so to speak, through form and color."
Ending Impunity for Violence against Women Thursday 8 March was celebrated as the International Women’s Day. The theme for this year’s celebrations was Ending Impunity for Violence against Women For many of us, this theme may strike a cord in our core nerves. We have either experienced, witnessed or been affected by violence against women in our society. According to Dr. Sam Thenya,...
Me voici Tout ce qui est ART !
THE ME COLLECTION A series of self portraits~ 'EXPRESSION' >Repression gives you cancer :)
a women
Final Major Project: Millennium Development Goals As an artist who has a passion for politics, I feel that it's my duty to inform and educate people about the issues affecting the world today. For my FMP, I have chosen to raise the awareness of the Millennium Development Goals. I'm really surprised that we are in 2006 - 6 years into the MDG agreement and the majority of the public...
DCAT's Online! Directed Consumerism With Automatic The "Living Logo" of ABC4All symbolizes the future matching/doubling of all charitable contributions throughout the world. Please consider adding a photo that can accompany the ABC4All Living Logo in this gallery!
Mixed media Art mixed media works printed on canvas
Memories of a Rejected Mind "Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew."
Something in my mind !
Toronto Metro Zoo 2006 My 3 day trip to the Toronto Metro Zoo, exploring animal behaviour and equality.
Memories Prints
My Exhibition; Come And See. This collection shows part of my work that i had presented as a fulfilment to my first year degree in architecture at the university of Nairobi.
Media Mayhem In the tradition of AdBusters, this is my personal compilation of spoofs of advertisements, campaigns, politics, etc.
Women: Self Worth This photo to me depicts a womans determination, strength, as well the struggle they go through in life. Women all over the world suffer from discrimination, torture and pain, from this picture I see the value a woman has and the control over her own life. The assertiveness in women who have been oppressed for so long.
Anime Girls Anime girl Drawings
Messin' around These were created during a TIG Staff painting day.
Summer love Can you remember when...
Me The exhibition is a result of the emotion generated in life and my response to it.
Proud moment Old glory still flying
Video Game Charas What the title says
Beautiful Environment GOD Creations Dear Friends, i took these Pictures in Halifax, cornwallis & in Ottawa, Tulip Festival, i like and Love Natural seens, this is Our Beautiful Environment GOD Creations. Hope u Love it.... Muhammad Idrees Khan
TakeMeThere! Landscape rendering a la Dexter! TakeMeThere showcases places that exist only in your imagination. Take a look and dream of things that can not be! More to come so stay tuned!
Rome 2004 Views of Rome, May 2004
Daily Moments Every breath you take, every single day... World runs and moments pass like a rush. A glance, a mission, an smile, a walk, a tear... People is part of the panorama and in any attitude exist a stamp ever to be frozen, like frame memories wherever they are.
World Monuments & Corners Human civilizations builded spaces to rest or enjoy what their skills compete with the magnificence of nature. Besides, in any corner that our people were designed have a particular spirit of how their citizens traduce It in costumes or atmosphera. This is the main trade mark that our people left to the world.

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" A dark day to remember" In May, 2009;The people of Gbaramatu kingdom woke up in the wee hours of the morning to military invasion of their peaceful fishing settlements and villages,leaving innocent men,women and children including these ones captured in this painting displaced and orphaned without hope of survival.To those that survived it became the darkest day of...
judekrane Drawing, Pastel
"B'aiye se ri" meaning such is life "B'aiye se ri" meaning such is life.The picture depict a photograph of the human face (side view). The bright side of the face shows how a human being is seen, while the dark side shows the other possible hidden attributes of that person. In my language (Yoruba, when such hidden attributes of man is found out and one feels disappointed, the...
lagbaja Photography, Colour
"Don't pollute the environment!" This drawing wants to make people aware of the importance to keep the planet clean and a nice place to live.
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
"The Three Wise Men" January 6 is the the day when "The Three Wise Men" gave some presents and recognized baby Jesus as the son of God. In Catholic tradition, specially in Spain, is the day when children open their cristmas gifts. That's a shot I took during a performance of a trail promo session from a peruvian Tv station. I used a Canon 505 camera. Originally...
Latin Photography, Colour
"Women of Wisdom"
Ranna Painting, Acrylic
&(happy; violent; times) c'est moi toi eux nous et dieu dans l'éternité
gregory-ch Painting
'Berpacu dalam melodi ' 'Berpacu dalam melodi ' 35 cm X 40 cm Drawing on paper Lanjar Jiwo 2011
Tags: lanjar jiwo, paint artist, indonesia
artfolk15 Drawing, Pencil
-THE POWER OF CULTURE--RURAL OUTREACH PROGRAMME Ghanaians love their music. Wheter it is folk, gospel, highlife or hiplife ( Ghanaian version of hiphop). One of the means by which CHDSC Ghana reaches the community is through entertainment education model where only performing arts are used. Here are two photos of the CHDSC's cultural troupe, Obrumankoma Traditionals of Mankessim in action...
chdscghana Photography, Colour
1 Breath Time to stop the crawling wall of destruction Into this yet another demonstration against the crawling wall of destruction, brings Emilio Mogilner, the founder of 1-Breath-Time painting and social-philosophy movement a powerful and artistic sense of urgency to our need to stop the wall, the madness, the carelessness, the apathy
Eylon Painting
1 Day Later: The Authorities Come to the Rescue The next day, when it's bright and sunny, the government is at work clearing away the snow.
ajay78 Photography, Colour