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Brisbane Central Meetings

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Hummingbirds meeting in flight - by Ana Two Hummingbirds Meeting in Flight Description: Acrylic painting on canvas. A black and gold male hummingbird on the left is mirrored by a female hummingbird illustrated as a negative gold and black image on the right. The artist incorporates west-coast, mid-coast and pacific north-west coast regional styles using split u-forms, ovoids,...
Tags: hummingbirds, indigenous art, canadian, pacific northwest, youth, painting
yskel Painting, Acrylic
Meeting It is the meeting point of light and darkness, positive and negative. The self stays neutral and in the centre and the left and right sides are the two aspects of life of which we are part and parcel and always stay. We are equal to both the sides.
mani246 Painting
Photography, Colour
Meeting of senior Women and men About CIC formation! Meeting conducted among the local community of Pokhari chour-Mayatari before deciding whether to establish community information center (CICs) in school or not. Nepal Rural Information Technology Development Society(NRIDS) advocates the importance of ICT and felicitate the villagers to establish CICs. This inititive carried out by NRIDS with the...
sudiparyal Photography, Colour
Meeting up with regional Director CYBA meets up with regional director of TESDA (Technical Skills and Development Agency) for vocational training for employability promotion
tampei Photography, Colour
Meeting with youth leaders Having meeting with communities youth leaders and introducing them the vision of UPES and about the UN- HABITAT project...
Tags: leadership, empowerment, development
UPES 3D Graphics
Street Meeting I was in Amsterdam with three german friends and while we pass in front of the train station, "Eva" recognized me... I introduced herself with my friends and we start chatting and eating a bit... Well I passed a great moment and like a dream It passed quikcly. Then I turned my glance to see her for the last time and this is a shot I took for...
Latin Photography, Colour
The first meeting between two cousins The first meeting between two cousins,after long time.
Tags: yahya, adham
ZeinabAhmedAli Photography, Colour
The Meeting An Outdoor gathering
elmoreart Mixed Media
The meeting Every week people in Petit Goave meet to discuss Haiti Ocean Project and other community events. This shows we belong to the same community.
Tags: meeting, petit goave
haitiocean Photography, Colour