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My Planet is fading Our climate is changing day by day. And this change is causing destruction of many of our natural wealth. If we can't stop climate change then our while planet Earth is going to be only a overwhelming environmental place for the new century to face .
Tags: #savetheplanet, environment, nature, climate change, earth, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, art, life, melting
Noor_Hiya Cartoons
The earth is melting The earth is melting let us move and save the earth before it is too late!
danielleanne Computer Graphics
Melting Earth #decarbonize
Millpond Computer Graphics
Melting Point This picture shows about global warming and delineate earth as an ice-cream which melts down because of extreme heat.
khadijakiran Drawing, Pastel
Time is ticking We have to hurry the planet is our home and it’s running out of time
Tags: time, polar bear, earth, melting
Sofiapiva Drawing, Pencil
World melting Climate warming is worse than ever
Tags: earth, melting, pollution
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
Where is the ice? Climate change is especially affecting these creatures who live in the poles, the ice is melting, their habitat is disappearing
Tags: melting, sea level rise, habitat loss, animals, polar bears, penguins
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil
Ice Melting This drawing shows the possible effects of serious problems like melting glaciers and rising sea levels and its effects on animals.
Tags: melting glaciers, Rising Sea Levels, pollution, erosion
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
Ice Melting This artwork shows the effect of global warming on our ocean.
Tags: ocean, pollution, Animals in Danger, Ice Melting
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
The melting world That the world is upset it is melting.
Tags: #sustainability, #nature, #environment, #climatechange, #ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, #earth, #sustainable, #green, #decarbonize, #SDG, #sustainableliving, #globalwarming, #climateaction, #trees, #ocean, #pollution, #art
MacDonaldA Drawing, Pencil-crayon