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Environmental Pollution This picture shows land, air and water pollution in Garki, Area 10, Aguja. The people in the picture are local food sellers preparing their food in the polluted environment.
kperaikyer Photography, Colour
mental health awareness # 1 msg: transcend the stigmata of mental health with courage
Tags: transcenderarts, mental illness, courage, global health, love, medicine, mental health
transcenderarts Photography, Colour
Environmental Protection Educate people about environmental protection
Tags: environment
danielbb Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Homelessness and mental health The impact on individuals due to homelessness or poverty, they are ignored by the rest of society and face internal turmoil mentally.
atariq Markers
Mask: Mental Illness by: Christine Ferguson The aim to have one mask peeling off of another one to show what someone with mental illness might feel on the inside.
Tags: mental illness, youth, teenagers
JNeville Sculpture
One of the most serious environmental problems in Vietnam Throwing untreated litter into garbage dumps and burying them is just a selfish and silly method, and one just think for present, just think for ourselves when we do that.
vuhaitruong Print
Piedra Fundamental Esta es la piedra fundamental del monumento a la bandera argentina que ademas se ve que dice municipalidad del rosario-9 de julio de 1898-. Salio movida la foto pero la intencion esta
julianprofeta Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Mental Anguish
ChibiMelody Photography, Digitally Manipulated
The process of environmental protection, involves every one This is a call to every one, you don't have to strain too much to see. It is all open.
erioch Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Trees for change,environmental conservation & watershade protection ! The pictures were taken in western Kenyas river yala area.Trees help in environmental conservation and watershade protection.
daateku Photography, Digitally Manipulated