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Migration In an era of globalization, economic or labour migration is on the rise. Due to lack of employment opportunities in developing countries and increased demands for low-wage workers in developed countries, youth, women and men are pursuing work in other countries in order to support themselves and their families back home.

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Where I have been, Where I am going 2 This is a map of Etobicoke North in Toronto or ward 2. It is in the shape of a map of a country to show an ambigous nation when in reality it is Etobicoke north. The people are migrating west from war, trauma, environmental and econonic reasons and make up the migrants and the refugees of this country. I don't identify as Canadian to do so erase...
Tags: migration, refugees, etobicoke, toronto, erasure, honour
Sparrowspot Mixed Media
Migration. It shows thee displacement of wildlife migrating to another place moving with all it's blessing to the earth, if we burn down forests ,which is the home to wild life it would affect us humans directly or indirectly.
Larrycater Painting
Immigration Artist(s): Enzo Bonicatto Organization: Agenda Global Siglo 21 We are producing digital design addressing the immigration topic. We know it’s a wide topic, millions migrate each year, and many of them face major challenges, but we focus in our home town immigration.
ayv Photography, Colour
Centrifugal Migration One of the stills from my multimedia projection piece, "The Bird Machine"
BlackCat Photography, Digitally Manipulated