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mind mapping
20110324_Mind Map
Memories of a Rejected Mind "Come to the edge, he said. They said: We are afraid. Come to the edge, he said. They came. He pushed them and they flew."
Something in my mind !

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In my mind Digital illustration. Photoshop 211,4 x 100 cm December 2011
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Calm My defining moment occurred a few years ago when I experienced a difficult time in my life. The mental and physical tolls were almost overwhelming and I nearly gave up my university education in Arts Education. When I felt nothing else helped, I turned to find solace in nature and I embraced a new focus on personal wellness. Being outdoors...
Tags: yoga, wellness, blue, exercise, body, mind, calm, stretch, focus, meditation, zen, natural beauty, clean, air, water, land
durellstudio Painting, Acrylic
Équilibre L'inspiration viens simplement du fait que pour moi le bien-être est un équilibre entre la tête (représenté par le cerveau) et le coeur (représenté par le coeur) d'où la balance entre la tête et le coeur. Ensuite j'y ai rajouté des roses, symbole de la beauté, de la vie, de l'amour et qui représentent pour moi les idées, les solutions, la...
Tags: Équilibre, coeur, mind, balance, réflexion, pensée, amour, passion, esprit, bonheur, heureux, heureuse, paix, tranquilité, bien
Amira16 Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Mind Power Digital illustration 175,9 x 124,2 cm March 2011
NAKATA Mixed Media
BODY+MIND+SOUL= " I " Every one tries to under stand this world and be great and be happy, often he fails and be miserable. If one understads his bodysepratly from mind and soul and keeps them all the 3 in good health he will be most happy man with WISDOM.
Tags: my three faces
crgujjar Mixed Media
Mind Beyond Humans, when they have conflicts with others, generally, they forget their body & argue or fight with wrong notions to create more of it. If one is aware of his self, he gets some attitudes towards other person and peace prevails as WISDOM WORKS.
crgujjar Painting, Acrylic
Mind Runner \'The third in a series of three, depicting the escape from ones own mind. This harrowing image explores the horrors of mental realness\'. -JMc
Jarra Computer Graphics
The mind's eye. An excitement This peace of art is meant to let the takingITGlobal memebers know that kenya is a land of its kind and What do you do when you get there? This is where you realize that the wide-open spaces are not just a figure of speech but a reality.
Oenkei Computer Graphics
Mind Folk The people in our mind are symbolized in this image, giving only a glimpse (a snapshot in time) of the richness and vastness of the activity therein.
PeterMichel Sculpture
Mindreader(my own) This is a satirical piece dealing with mental awareness.
ch15x Photography, Digitally Manipulated