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Mixed media Art mixed media works printed on canvas

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Mixed Media Mural In our Middle School classes, we created a mixed-media mural on climate change, organized by S-T-E-A-M. We shared this mural in a community showcase inviting families and younger students to learn more about the topic.
Tags: climate change, Agents for Change, environment, nature, sustainability, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, #zerowaste, earth, sustainable, green, recycle, Decarbonize, #plasticfree, SDG, sustainable living, global warming, climate action, trees, ocean, pollution, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife
plomando Collage
A mixed future The purpose of the art is to show that we can integrate nature into our modern societies, and we don't have to destroy ecosystems just to create out cities.
globalgallery Painting, Oil
Mixed up world different ppl, with life and contribution
ribboo Painting
Generation Self-Identification I am mixed. Born in 1983, I have lived in a small town of roughly 1000 as well as the largest city in Canada. I have visited both coasts, a variety of towns both east and west. And yet, while inhabiting the same body, I have been identified by others as anything from Southern European, to East Indian, to North African, and back again. When I’m...
Tags: canada, people, mixed, multiracial, biracial
MixedInCanada Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Lettering-Mixed Media Collage and Pen & Ink can do wonders together. Here, while trying to pick up lettering to a higher level, I used both medium to study the letter K and how it can be incorporated into words. It was a strong study which I pinned up during my first year presentation.
mmtairo Mixed Media
Be Yourself a collage of my paintings.. "16x20",framed
Tags: mixed, media, painting, colorful, collage
Duygukivanc Painting, Acrylic
Mixed feeling We belong
YouthFirst Painting, Oil