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Mixed media Art mixed media works printed on canvas

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Mixed Media Mural In our Middle School classes, we created a mixed-media mural on climate change, organized by S-T-E-A-M. We shared this mural in a community showcase inviting families and younger students to learn more about the topic.
Tags: climate change, Agents for Change, environment, nature, sustainability, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, #zerowaste, earth, sustainable, green, recycle, Decarbonize, #plasticfree, SDG, sustainable living, global warming, climate action, trees, ocean, pollution, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife
plomando Collage
Beauty and the Beast Attention! to the gas-guzzlers please......beautiful on the eye and Beast (sucking up gas and using high emissions) on the after-effects.
Tags: greenhouse gases, global warming, mixed media, beauty, beast
tladi Mixed Media
Lettering-Mixed Media Collage and Pen & Ink can do wonders together. Here, while trying to pick up lettering to a higher level, I used both medium to study the letter K and how it can be incorporated into words. It was a strong study which I pinned up during my first year presentation.
mmtairo Mixed Media
Woman with Cock Woman with Cock, Mixed Media, 31,5x22,8 inch, 1997, 920 Euro.
Tags: animals, surrealisme, germany, people and animals, mixed media
heiste Mixed Media
Girl with Lioness Girl with Lioness, Mixed Media, 31,5x21,7 inch, 1997, 920 Euro.
Tags: animals, girl with lioness, surrealisme, germany, people and animals, mixed media
heiste Mixed Media
Three Fishes in Coral-Reef Three Fishes in Coral-Reef, Mixed Media, 14,2x20,9 inch, 1997, 610 Euro.
Tags: animals, water, underwater landscapes, surrealisme, egypt, mixed media
heiste Mixed Media