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Ishan Varun (Musician/Actor/Model). Ishan Varun is a Singer/Rapper/Songwriter/Actor and Model who uses his talent and potential to the limit.
Tags: ishan varun, musician, rapper, singer, model, actor, songwriter, ishan varun productions, issachar varun
Photography, Colour
modele exhibition graphic 2d 3d graphic digital 2 d3 by ireney H
Tags: art, graphic 2d 3d
Artvif Flash Animation
beartiff1 Drawing, Pencil
Model Acrylic on canvas, 50x50
bourini Painting, Acrylic
Did they mean to leave it like this? This is not fake, this shop window really was left like this.
Tags: tom, laine, maniquin, statues, leaning, sit, sat, model, limbless, naked, erotic, window, shop
catflap108 Photography, Colour
MA Models This is one of the 35mm b&w images from the Whangarei Sub-Tropical Garden photo shoot. We have had numerous shoots with many models, and the full photo shoots can be found through this link.
createverything Photography, Black and White
MA Models - NZ Fern Part of the extensive photoshoots done in 35mm b&w. Framed in natural Aotearoan settings, we believe these images uphold our creative ideals while also being good marketing avenues. Full shoot viewable here-
createverything Computer Graphics
School garden model
dfox Print
A model of the school's roof with solar panels I researched if it would be better for our building if solar panel's were placed on the roof.
dfox Print
Nude Models Original painting, acrylic colors, dimensions 150x100cm, in the unique style of Erato.
erato Painting, Acrylic