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Submissions (55)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
MA Models - NZ Fern Part of the extensive photoshoots done in 35mm b&w. Framed in natural Aotearoan settings, we believe these images uphold our creative ideals while also being good marketing avenues. Full shoot viewable here-
createverything Computer Graphics
Model 1 Digital illustration. Pen, Photoshop 52 x 52 cm 2008
NAKATA Computer Graphics
Rome Belle Arti model
joconda Drawing, Pencil
Model This is a drawing of a model I saw on an advert. It got me thinking about what beauty really was while I was drawing it. I read Elle every month and flicking through the adverts, everyone seems to look pretty much the same and you hear about people trying to look like these models and stuff. Its just wrong, so I thought I'd draw this while I...
x6qv25bb245bd8bb2a Drawing, Pencil
beartiff1 Drawing, Pencil
Student Model A student poses for our drawing class.
mpgruner Drawing, Pencil
modele exhibition graphic 2d 3d graphic digital 2 d3 by ireney H
Tags: art, graphic 2d 3d
Artvif Flash Animation
Modelo Woman
thecavallogallery Mixed Media
Model 2 Digital illustration. Pencil, pen, Photoshop 140 x 125,2 cm 2008
NAKATA Mixed Media
Nude Models Original painting, acrylic colors, dimensions 150x100cm, in the unique style of Erato.
erato Painting, Acrylic