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Modern Shenzhen In Shenzhen, this top fashion city, you can see skyscrapers with different shapes and people wearing outstanding clothes that show the distinctive life they are having. In Shenzhen, girls are stylish, boys have their own individuality and everybody is trendy. Come to Shenzhen now, you will be surprised! High-buildings,prettty people,beautiful...
Tags: modern, shenzhen
JiaHuang Drawing, Pastel
El Ejidatario Moderno En esta foto podemos ver un ejidatario moderno, con bebidos y quimicas internacionales. El ejidatario es un colectivo de campesinos quienes redestrubir recursos agriculturales. Es una tradición desde hace la revolución mexicano. Ahora el ejidatario se siervan los campesinos en una manera muy moderno, con pepsi cola y pesticidos, pero todavía...
Photography, Colour
“Pure love” oil painting Bogomolnik People have always wanted to brighten up a little reality, to smooth the rough edges of the real life. They did this by using different expressive means. I tried to do this through the oil painting. This work expresses the triumph of life and pure love. This romantic art piece is full of bright vivid colors. Confidence in the future is the main...
Tags: oil painting, art work, modern, abstract, cubism, contemporary
elinbogomolnik Painting, Oil
Arte Moderno
MafeMejia Photography, Colour
Modern Art
falak Painting
Modern Starry Night For this project we were to take a well known piece and make it our own, or more modern. I put a city in place of the country landscape to show how cities have grown and evolved.
kerbear139 Drawing, Pastel
Modern Day Mona Lisa This piece is a modern take on the Mona Lisa. She is the beauty "ideal" of the 21st century the way Mona Lisa was; blonde, fake, and cosmetically enhanced.
alandsberg Drawing, Pencil
The modern male diet. This is a representation of the state of modern life..the advertising looks great but the product rarely delivers.
Clapstyx Photography, Colour
Medieval and Modern This is a good photo to illustrate the paradox of Tallinn: an old town dominated by modern tourism. In the foreground we see a gold weathervane and church spire from medieval times; behind them are the much newer tall grey buildings, including the Radisson Hotel.
Rapscallion Photography, Colour
Modern Tradition Iran - Isfahan a mosque & transmitter near together
Pedram Photography, Colour