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Motherwell Heritage Centre
A Gurung mother from the central hills of Nepal The old lady, wearing her ethnic jewellry, is anxiously peering at the valley below longing for the safe arrival of her son, who is a Gurkhas in the British Army.She lives a frugal life, prays to the Himalayan Gods and lives a simple life. Her very existence depends on the money brought by her precious son.

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The Wailing Mother "The background represents a village with a vegetation behind it. From this art you can see a woman with her son sitting by her. The woman is wailing because her maternal home has suddenly broken. This is because her husband that is their bread winner is dead.<br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /> <br /><br...
Mixed Media
Our Mother Earth is in Trouble As you might know that the Earth is facing alot of natural disasters....This graphic is to develop the viewers mentality about nature.
Tags: adhisha, grey crow, evironment, devil
adhisha Computer Graphics
Mother Earth Earth as a dew drop
Tags: adhisha, environment, earth
adhisha Computer Graphics
Mother and Daughter This work shows a double portrait, of a mother and her daughter where their unusual features and high cheekbones reminded me of the characteristics of a horse's face. I wanted to combine the physical energy that a horse has in his will to run free, as compared to the same love within a human's spirit.
ainhoart Mixed Media
Silence- The mother of music Silence is the mother of music. It gives birth to it, cares for it, nourishes it and protects it. Had there been no silence, there would have been no music.
awais Mixed Media
Take Action - The Mother Artist(s): Ms.Subha Laxmi Ojha Organization: Jyotirmayee Mahila Samiti Description: Woman abuse and domestic violence on women is growing day by day in the Society. Women constitute 50% of the total population. She is the Backbone in the family and plays one Important role in this earth. Give respect to her to save the Mother Earth.
ayv Photography, Colour
Pachamama mother Earth Author: Tamara Caminos
ayv Photography, Colour
Special Mother
BA Computer Graphics
Grandmother's House This is in Bryson City, NC where my grandmother grew up.
camarogurl13 Photography, Black and White
Mother Nature My drawing portrays my view on the current state earth is in. It depicts Mother Nature in the middle of computers (technology) that has basically taken the place of the beautiful things plants can provide for us. Beneath Mother Nature is heat; this heat is representative of global warming that along with technology, is slowly destroying our...
ckarsgaard Painting