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Motherwell Heritage Centre
A Gurung mother from the central hills of Nepal The old lady, wearing her ethnic jewellry, is anxiously peering at the valley below longing for the safe arrival of her son, who is a Gurkhas in the British Army.She lives a frugal life, prays to the Himalayan Gods and lives a simple life. Her very existence depends on the money brought by her precious son.

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Mothership Gaia World Tree Island This is World Tree Island on Mothership Gaia. Episode 1.0 of the myth begins here. The portal is the place where the Dreamer exit the rainbow tunnel from Earth when they go to sleep. The three Pyraspheres are dedicated to Religion/Spirituality (middle/Sun), Science (left/moon) and Art (right/Earth). A Pyrasphere is a transformed symbolic...
Mothership-Gaia 3D Graphics
Mother's Calling This piece of artwork is composed of painted shreds of paper, a large elephant ear leaf, and a large piece of cardboard. I was impressed by the leaf, which is in the shape of a heart and visually expresses the peace sign. For me, it was like Mother Nature was calling out to me, telling me that she too longs for peace and love globally.
Oleacae Collage
Mother's Calling Mother's Calling is a representation of Mother Nature's desire for human peace. It is a collage of painted papers, an elephant leaf, and a peace sign pasted upon a large piece of cardboard. It is a simple piece of artwork for a simple message: Mother Nature longs for peace too.
Oleacae Collage
Mother and Daughter A mother holds a handmade basket in one hand and a child in the other. The basket lights up with golden light. The mother and daughter are gazing inside of it in awe. What they see is the magical presence of love and peace.
clarita Computer Graphics
Special Mother
BA Computer Graphics
International Mother Language Day Ekushey February now also called just Ekushey, 21 February, Shaheed Dibas (Martyrs' Day) and, since 2000, international mother language day. On 21 February 1952, corresponding to 8 Falgun 1359 in the Bangla calendar, a number of students campaigning for the recognition of Bangla as one of the state languages of Pakistan were killed when police...
shobuz Computer Graphics
Mothership Gaia August 06 poster The rainbow halo behind our Earth reflects the diversity of unity. The background is mixed from photographies of Orion...It has a dreamy feeling and refers to the story of Mothership Gaia, the myth I'd love to unfold with people. Down to the left you see World Tree Island with the three Pyraspheres. Pyramids with spheres on top to reflect the...
Mothership-Gaia Computer Graphics
Mother Teresa
clarita Computer Graphics
help saving the mother earth shows on how people re-builds the mother earth, protects from human destruction for the future of the next generation.
pein03 Computer Graphics
Our Mother Earth is in Trouble As you might know that the Earth is facing alot of natural disasters....This graphic is to develop the viewers mentality about nature.
Tags: adhisha, grey crow, evironment, devil
adhisha Computer Graphics