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Hazrat Dovud-the holy place in the mountains of Uzbekistan The exhibit is a collection of pictures of a holy place in uzbekistan called Hazrat Dovud, people visit it as piligrims or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.
mountain respite

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"Birds of the Blue Mountain"
falco Painting, Acrylic
Apu: Mountain God Apu
susanricalde Photography, Colour
Ararat Mountain Ararat Mountain is on the territory of Turkey. But the best view of it is from Armenian side. Living in Yerevan (the capital) you can mainly see Ararat in one position and you get used to that. You go for a place to have the best vision of Ararat. Every time you come closer to the mountain or travel you always watch for the changes (shape,...
Maria Photography, Colour
Beautiful Sedona Mountain What a beautiful painting! No?
youthforchange Photography, Colour
beauty mountain!!!
BA Computer Graphics
Bird mountain Bird mountain
Tags: lanjarjiwo, art painting, indonesia, Artcontemporary, environment, nature, green, trees, art, conservation, wildlife, life
lashart Painting
Blue Mountains
yaelhelen Painting, Acrylic
Bohinj mountains This is view one has when he/she's on a boat at Bohinj lake.
urssulasss Photography, Colour
Climate for life Preserve mountains and save life. My painting focuses on the burning issue of climate change. The snow in the mountains is melting on a daily basis and mountains will soon no longer have any snow on them. This results from the human activity and consequences will be unbearable.
Tags: mountain, snow mountain
suneboy Painting
Damavand Mountain Damavand Mountain - Iran
mbastudies Photography, Colour