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Hazrat Dovud-the holy place in the mountains of Uzbekistan The exhibit is a collection of pictures of a holy place in uzbekistan called Hazrat Dovud, people visit it as piligrims or just enjoy the beautiful scenery of nature.

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Czesky Republica Photos from Vashalav Castle
Tags: castle, statue, grape vines, mountains, czech republic, gibraltar
darhcik Collage
mountains this is a mental representation of feelings
branded Computer Graphics
mountains computer 3-D art. It represents my mood at times
branded Computer Graphics
mountains a feeling I have sometimes looks like this
branded Computer Graphics
The pakaraima Mountains. It was made for a chalenge at a doller forum. This is my most prized computer graphic. I was always good at painting, but this is the first computer graphic that actually came out good. It is a drawing of part of the Kanuku Mountains, during sunrise. Please let me know what you think... even if you hate it.
Niki Computer Graphics
Rocky Canada My artwork is supposed to be the Rocky Mountains. I drew the mountains because every year around September/October my sister, mom, grandma and I go to Japer National Park, also because the Rocky's are well known throughout Canada. We travel to the mountains because we take a break from boys and the city craziness. Stars over the mountain are the...
Tags: jasper, trees, park, mountains, canada, nunavut, alberta
PyariA Drawing, Crayon
On the Mountains There are a lot of beauties on the mountains. Also the air on the mountains smells different.
salamat92 Drawing, Pencil
simple mountains simple line drawing of a mountainous landscape, i drew it on stuck down newspapers, newspaper comes from trees in the landscape so its ad if im giving it back in my drawing
paul17wales Ink, Pen
Don't Hide What's Really Happening I am worried about the way we use up our resources, and how our nature is slowly deteriorating, and we are just covering it up. We need to step it up and save our nature before its to late. I made this picture like a poster, and its ripped to show whats really underneath.
Tags: pollution, canada, tree, water, lake, mountains, grass, bush, green, smog, cloud, charcoal, paint, factory, rip
TFCupcake Mixed Media
Rocky Mountains It reflects my personal Canadian identity because I believe that the nature in Canada is an important aspect of being Canadian. The rocky mountains are the most known mountains in Canada, which is why I encorporated it into the artwork. I also believe that the beauty of nature should be preserved for later generations.
Tags: canada, rocky, mountians, grass, trail, flag
RachelleP Mixed Media