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In a new world Its basically a picture about a girl wondering around in a new different place where everything seems different. It could represent the people who move a lot and how each place is very new and lost it is for them.
Tags: in a new world, new world, change, moving, peace, indian, art, google, wonderful, amazing
Katriven Drawing, Pencil
Moving Target While I was working at Microsoft, one of the people who worked on the same floor as I did, had a daughter who was close to my age. This painting was created to help decorate David Emmick's office - who had black and red furniture! David is a programmer and developer so you'll notice the series of one's and zero's within the painting. There...
jenergy Painting
World Moving On The people of this town got sick, so the power company bought it. It became a ghost town but the smoke still lingers, still sickens. Since the company owns the land, it's got every legal right to continue destroying the sky.
lavishlush Photography, Black and White
Moving Bus
jenergy Photography, Colour
Future Organic 3 moving around as before
69 Sculpture