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Film Building Films This collection contains three youth-created films from a virtual international filmbuilding workshop. The films were created by students from Chile, China, and the United States answering "what is the opposite of distance?". This workshop was organized and administered by Tom Flint of Zoom-In-Zoom-Out and Urban Media Arts (UMA) of...
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Ms. gothun
Unit 2: Toronto - Jesse Ketchum Ms. Dunne
NYC P.S. 160 Unit 2 Project (Ms. Fox)
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
Azerbaijan students introduse themselves
M.S. 172 Circus of Dreams Final Project
Stars of Annie Ms 172
MS 172 Playground Theater Space
MS 172 Monkey & Crocodile Storyboard
Monkey & Crocodile Tableaux MS 172
Have A Heart Pet Shop MS172 625 Final Project
MS 172 Class 623 Our School Hoodie Fashion
MS 172 Neighborhood Walk
My Films About Community Building I am really passionate about community and peace building. Here are some of my videos about my local and international actions. I have also included random vids from little fundraiser projects. A wide range here.
Ecuador Randoms Ecuador is a beautiful country with rich traditions and culture. I explored rural, urban and cosmopolitan life while I was there in June 2010.
Environment Films These are my environmental films on various issues from water to solid waste.
Dublin- Bayside Ms Duffy's Class Food Cart
Ms Duffys class planting
Ms Duffys Class Green Space
DREAMS COME TRUE I created this exhibit as a place where I come and ask for something and believe it will happen. I welcome you to this place and invite you to share the energy of believing.
Storms Shifting from fear to excitement, storms have always fascinated me. To me, they represent change, new start. They surface my most inner feelings. I’ve always loved watching the rain, the dance of the tree limbs on the wind, listening to the thunder, all in perfect synchrony.
West Coast Wimsy Shylene loves to work in a "use what you have" approach. She uses recycled materials found along her path, as well as local driftwood from the beaches of Vancouver Island. Check it out at her site

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A city of Dreams It's a place that takes you to an unpide down iniverse...which is actually the one you live in! It doesn't matter if you see skyscapers in it...these may be your hopes and...dreams!
Miruna Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms Night Fall near Algonquin
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 1 The season's are changing in Canada --wetter, hotter, and shorter summers, and longer, snowy and colder winters. This documents the storms of the summer 2008.
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Algonquin Summer 2008-The Storms part 2 Fire-Red Reflections of the Giant Spruce Trees in the water of Tea lake, Algonquin Park
christinelynes Photography, Colour
Alms for the Poor - II This piece was created after viewing a movie set in the middle ages, when the image of a young woman kneeling at the steps of a church, begging for money, stayed with the artist.
gfontaigne Painting, Oil
Always follow your dreams Miracles are dreams we can see. It starts out like a bubble that floats around us. The more we focus at the reflections of light it gives the closer we bring it. One day it is there right in front of usl
clarita Computer Graphics
Amsterdam An oil painting taken from a photograph of the streets of Amsterdam at night.
graemegunn Painting, Oil
Amsterdam Afternoon - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2002
Jarra Photography, Colour
Amsterdam Canal Amsterdam is famous for their Canals. Like mirror roads, these paths of water connect us to every corner of the city. Canals are part of the atmosphera of Amsterdam and without Its the city couldn't be the same. These amazing Canals are old than this sharming and crowded city, one of the main gates of Europe. Took on August 2003. I used a Fuji...
Latin Photography, Colour
Amsterdam Sunrise - Amsterdam, The Netherlands, January 2002
Jarra Photography, Colour