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Multiculturalism A young South Asian woman is researching immigration laws on a Canadian website. The highlighted text emphasizes the discriminatory language and practices of Canadian immigration policies. The woman’s position and the angled profile of her mouth and hands communicate her despair. International regulation takes place around HIV/AIDS, and borders...
Photography, Colour
World Friendship Bridge One of the biggest problems in the world right now as described by the iEARN 2010 youth is racial intolerance. This one problem is the root that branches out to become many of the other problems that ravage our world: war and poverty. Only through education and learning of one another’s culture can we bridge the gaps between our peoples. That is...
Tags: multiculturalism, diversity, unity, peace, world, bridge, globalization
Araf Painting, Watercolour
Multiculturalism Yay! Globalisation is inevidable, multiculturalism is inevidable. We must accept and welcome all that is different with arms open wide, only fear holds us back. What is there to fear we are all human beings? And If those differences are really not your cup of tea, then fine you don't have to participate but you must respect and acknowledge our...
effiekaye Collage
Kenyan experience My inspiration
Tags: multiculturalism, global awareness
ewarekus Computer Graphics