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Wild Columbine a NYC native plant Wild Columbine a NYC native plant
adelendick Photography, Colour
Native "Creation of Life. This portrays the seven day creation bible story, however it is from a female, native perspective." -A.P
amanda Drawing, Charcoal
Alternative Energy - Kenting, Taiwan As a de facto nation, Taiwan does not have a significant independent energy supply, leaving it vulnerable to fluctuations in world energy prices. So it was great to see these wind turbines in the southern resort town of Kenting. Apparently there are small groups of them scattered throughout the island. It makes sense given that wind is probably...
amarbaines Photography, Colour
Who are you? --- Australia's Native Bird Picture was taken by the Gold Coast Dam... the native bird of Australia... the expression of the bird focused on "who are you?"
CassHunter Photography, Colour
Native American Church Fernando Jones walked into my classroom as "mister cool," a day later I realized how talented this Navajo child was. Like Duvale, Fernando paints images that involve vision. His energy is sometimes very challenging. But I also realize that his behavior comes from learning to live in two worlds.
changingwoman Painting, Acrylic
Native American Angel [spirit guide] The Native American Angel is a spirit guy. He stands at the bridge between this world and the next.
clarita Mixed Media
Separated Connection My artworks deal with the relationship between nature and men, portrayed by various natural and man-made materials. Although we are surrounded by these materials that make up our environment, we do not recognize the tight relationship that both nature and us, men share. Either in a positive or negative way, we interact with nature everyday and...
Tags: native, rug, back lighting, bright, oil painting, aboriginals, feather, nature, brown
jkim915 Painting, Oil
Native Species
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Native animal
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour
Native plant
KeysMeadow Photography, Colour