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Animals, Pets and Nature In an island we are living there will always be animals around to accompany us to share the nature and make it more meaningful. Loving nature and loving animals especially my pets has been a trademark.
Whitelees Primary Nature Garden
Nature This is nature environment I capture my camera eye. This is village Ghambeer valley. This is a very beautiful valley but nobody paid any attention in this valley there are allot of problems but no body take action.
NATURE'S GIFT This is a pictorial and artwork collection of the gifts nature can offer.this exhibition is intended to show the world that it is a good idea to preserve nature for the beauty of it and to satisfy the biodivesity needs.We see nature through the eye and apreciate the nature's gift through many other means.
Les couleurs et la nature
Beautiful Nature - Beautify Nature

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Nature & Technology A tree hand and a robot hand together..
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, gobal, technology
adhisha 3D Graphics
Nature Vs Technology Nature Vs Technology
Tags: adhisha, tig, environment, technology
adhisha 3D Graphics
tranquility in nature DIGITAL CAMERA
Tags: nature
britely 3D Graphics
3D Generated nature photography This text and grass environment was my inspiration of clean world. This also encourages the planting of trees to make the world green
transkim 3D Graphics
My Planet is fading Our climate is changing day by day. And this change is causing destruction of many of our natural wealth. If we can't stop climate change then our while planet Earth is going to be only a overwhelming environmental place for the new century to face .
Tags: #savetheplanet, environment, nature, climate change, earth, Decarbonize, global warming, climate action, trees, art, life, melting
Noor_Hiya Cartoons
Nature The sympathetic fallacy.
saraheirons Collage
Palestinian signature- بصمة فلسطينية I had made this work from "shirwal", a kind of traditional arab trousers! which were mainly used for working in fields and in the land, in this case the trousers had the colors of our flag, the red, green, and white!, only the black was missing, so i added it with my signature, the figure of my hand!. For me this piece symbolises the land!, and...
ruba Collage
Gifts of Nature Created by students age 15 years old at Etimesgut Anatolian High School in Ankara, Turkey.
glocal harmony 2050, collage by bitwatt Inter-actors and actresses that act locally and think globally to the "rhythm" of the "BIT & WATT" dance, re-inventing the "rhythms" to build the world of "useful profits" instead of one of "futile returns".
Tags: global, local, glocal, harmony, people, technology, nature, climate, change, foot, print, billion, 2050
bitwatt Collage
Mixed Media Mural In our Middle School classes, we created a mixed-media mural on climate change, organized by S-T-E-A-M. We shared this mural in a community showcase inviting families and younger students to learn more about the topic.
Tags: climate change, Agents for Change, environment, nature, sustainability, ecofriendly, #savetheplanet, #zerowaste, earth, sustainable, green, recycle, Decarbonize, #plasticfree, SDG, sustainable living, global warming, climate action, trees, ocean, pollution, reuse, art, conservation, wildlife
plomando Collage