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Grandpa and Me My artwork reflects my Canadian identity as it represents the connection that exists between youth and the elderly. Last year, I moved in with my Grandpa, a WW2 veteran who was having a hard time giving up his independence to lung cancer. I lived with him and my Grandma for 8 months, helping my Grandpa battle his lung cancer while still being...
Tags: george loucks, kathryn loucks
Katloucks Drawing, Pencil
Grandpa in Glass I was diagnosed with MS in 1985, but was still able to work full time as a speech-Language pathologist until 2 years ago. My MS made it too difficult to continue to work. However, there's always a silver lining and I realized I had a knack for drawing and creating portraits out of glass that I've cut. My art helps me to feel alive.
LauraLee Mixed Media
Jack Layton Jack Layton was a symbol of good social policies and sensible politics, but for many became a symbol of hope. Over the years, he had become a symbol of progression for the nation and had a truly admirable character. This painting followed his death as a commemorative project for someone who I familiarized myself with. From the day of his...
Tags: politics, jack layton, ndp, orange wave, hopeful, loving, optimistic
artrageous Painting, Acrylic
Sun burnt grandparents This is a painting done from a photo of my grandparents in egypt and illustrates a lot of their personality -although he seems to be growling, and they both look maroon- and a marked improvement from my other attempts.
tanglewood Painting, Acrylic