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All You Need Is Love Most often we see things from different angle. to appreciate art, you must see it from a distance and in the eyes of the creator. All you need is love!

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State in Need(Hunger Face) Let us leave in peace and harmonny, war is not good, God Bless Africa in General.
intelligentcop Photography, Digitally Manipulated
All You Need Is Love Most often, we see things from different angle. To appreciate art, you must see it from a distance and in the eyes of the creator.
Tags: love, driveiadghana, ghana
clementafrica Photography, Colour
What This World Needs Is a Group Hug belonging is also accepting and loving
taylore1 Mixed Media
Water Needed The artwork shows the lack of water resources on our planet.
Tags: environment, forest, fire, extreme weather, rising temperatures
JEJD-MAT Drawing, Pencil
The Earth needs our help The planet has factories on it and it's polluting the air. There's also trash polluting the ocean. There's a thermometer in the Earth's mouth it's because the temperature is rising
Ynigo Drawing, Pencil
Water is our essential need We cannot live without water... We all know that.. still we are not aware of the value of water.This Art work has thousand words ..
YUBUPA Photography, Digitally Manipulated
Haiti needs a marine mammal sanctuary By: Charmerine Calixte In January, an endangered humpback whale went into Haitian waters and was harpooned by a group of fishermen on the north coast. We tried to talk to these fishermen, but they were not educated about the importance of these species. All we could do at the time was watch. The next day, the whale died near a beach. We were...
ayv Photography, Digitally Manipulated
What Good Environment need the art here shows an example of a very good environment and this is what we expect every place to look like. In the art it shows how fertile the land is and you can see that from the big giant tree. another is how conducive it is for living things expecially for the animals ie birds flying,Goats and chicken happily feeding and above all human...
microspaceboy Painting
Need to Clean our land The beautiful Green Land is liked by everyone. perhaps our essence become happy when we see it. but unfortunately we are cutting our trees, the ratio of jungles are diminishing which is dangerous to human nature.
Tags: Ismail Swati, Green Land
ismailswati Painting
We Need to Bring peace in the world The Painting shows that the peace birds moving around the world which mean that that we need to bring peace in the entire world. picture drawn by class 6th girls
Tags: peace, Ismail Swati, world
ismailswati Painting