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tango This picture is dedicated to one of my best friends.
jessiedanielle Cartoons
Flamengo !!!! Flamengo !!!!
Priscila Cartoons
Two Mangos I think this was my first pastel painting I did a few years ago, now pastels are my choice of medium.
EugeneMontagna Drawing, Pastel
Portrait of A Black Flamingo This is a 8x10 4B graphite.
WhiteLucidity Drawing, Pencil
Le petit Congolais Éléna Émery-Chevalier, age 16, Collège Beaubois, Québec Le petit Congolais En R.D.C., trop d'enfants sont poussés à prendre les armes et à se battre. Ils ne sont pas encore sortis de l'enfance qu'on en fait des guerriers, des tueurs malgré eux. À tous ces jeunes à qui l'on remet un fusil, on met un terme à leur épanouissement, à leur...
Drawing, Pencil-crayon
Where did the MANGO? The main purpose behind my artwork was to deliver the message of taking control of our lives by the means of bold action. I representated this metaphorically through an arrow (determination) and mangoes (love and new beginnings) Hence at a time like this, where social injustice and diseases are spreading like wildfire, it is a wake up call for...
Tags: mango, arrow, humanity, justice, nature
Eshaan Flash Animation
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Midlifeloki Mixed Media
tango milonguero 4 "tango milonguero 4",acrylic on canvas, 65 x 46 cm. Diego is true native from South of America as he lives in Argentina. So, his Art belongs to his soul and mind. He goes far away in his thoughts to create paintings. His imagination continuously nourishes his Art with his specific regard on the world, which brings paintings about landscapes,...
diegomanuel Painting, Acrylic
Tarde de domingo / Chelin Sanjuan
chelinsanjuan Painting, Acrylic
jack23 Painting, Oil