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Submissions (116)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
the city on the night This is a picture which I have made in a paint program.
aberova Computer Graphics
Midnight Crossing Midnight Crossing is a technical term that identifies a point in time that is a kind of no mans land. Video uses what is called time code to identify the individual frames. The change of time code (hours, minutes, seconds, frames) from 23:59:59:29 to 00:00:00:00 is the midnight crossing which is then followed by 00:00:00:01.
alicep Mixed Media
Lights in the Night 'This photograph is one in series of six that create a paneramic view of Big Ben & the Houses of Parliment at night. London, England.' A.G.S.
amity Photography, Black and White
Night on the Sun Seeking silence.
AntoineArt Painting, Oil
Night out at Park Baluchi, Hauz Khas This was taken at Park Baluchi, a restaurant in the Hauz Khas village, New Delhi. The restaurant is situated in the middle of a lush green deer park. This photo is special because the moment the musicians came in everybody got up and started dancing. Thus began my beautiful and unforgetable evening in Delhi. An awesome experience with some...
anuriandima84 Photography, Colour
Night Sight
athouguia Painting
Улочка старого города (40х30) Streets of old town Холст/картон/масло
Tags: Улочка, старый, город, фонари, вечер, холст, масло, street, old, city, lights, night, oil on canvas, contemporary art
baltina Painting, Oil
midnight howl
bledsoeart Painting, Acrylic
A little practice for tonight's show With cultural exchange programs goes music and culture shows.
Bonhomme Photography, Colour
Night in day I fell in love with the moon mask and felt that its colours reminded me of its opposite, which is how I was inspired to combine both night and day. Acrylic on canvas, 60x70cm
bourini Painting, Acrylic