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Connected North@Home Student Gallery During the 2020 COVID Pandemic, students from across Canada participated in live video conferences to connect with artists, scientists, actors, museums and galleries all over the world. Through this time, students created a variety of artwork. These images were the result of their learning and sharing.
LVVL North York - Causes of Violence
Alexandria and the North Coast I dedicate this exhibit to my hometown, Alexandria, and its surrounding region (aka The Egyptian North Coast). As such, photos that I shot, are meant to give the visitor an idea about daily-life and nature in Alexandria and the North Coast.
Now in North Africa#1 The World in a plate', Egypt_ first

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A Small Yacht in a Little Bay (Northern Part of Mallorca)
eszter Photography, Colour
Aerial - The Northern Beaches - Sydney, Australia, February 2003 My Home. :)<br><br>Looking back along the Northern Beaches towards Pittwater Bay. Shot from 700ft during a brilliant first-time helicopter ride!!<br><br>Pittwater is the bay furthest from us, on the left.
Jarra Photography, Colour
APPARAT Moroccan Costume Scenery in Moroca with young girl dressing in traditional clothes
Tags: morocco, tradition, costume, tribal, girl, africa, north
ReneBrichaux Drawing, Pastel
Conditions in the North Created by students age 19 years old at Jaffna Vaidyeshwara College in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.
PTPIGYM Painting
Mountain tribes in Northern Luzon of Philippines Traveling to the northern part of the island Luzon will bring you not only to beautiful landscapes with amazing rice terraces. It will bring you also to the regions with remote villages and colorful and traditional living upland tribal communities. Their ancestors constructed the fascinating rice terraces with the perfect working irrigation...
nujoicat Collage
North Block This building houses the Indian Ministry of Home Affairs.
ajay78 Photography, Colour
mysticmerlin Painting, Oil
North Head - Sydney, Australia, January 2003
Jarra Photography, Colour
North Meets South This was part of a mural that was made for the Indigenous Women's Networks main-stage at their centre at Alma de Mujer, in Texas. A group of us youth from Northern Canada went to Alma de Mujer for lifskills training. As part of repaying them and contributing to their site we refurbished their stage. This particular painting containes images...
AlannaAnne Painting
Northeast Asia or Western Europe? It's essentially buildings like this that make Vlad look more like a European city than the capital of the former Soviet Pacific Fleet.
ajay78 Photography, Colour