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Nude paintings Nude oil paintings

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Woman in Nude This is black and white chalk, this took me about five hours to do
vixster666 Drawing, Chalk
Female Nude Female Nude posing...
brandonpsk Drawing, Charcoal
Sleeping in the Nude Sleeping in the Nude
brandonpsk Drawing, Charcoal
Nude Landscape I find that when light and dark meet the human figure, you get incredible imagery. The human figure is by far the most interesting subject to capture for me.
ez Drawing, Charcoal
pazwin Drawing, Charcoal
abstract nude I found a cool web site that had great black and white photos of nudes with a high contrast of light and shadow. These photos made for great subjects for abstract pieces. I just love the trickery with light and dark.
ez Drawing, Charcoal
Nude Portrait Another Charcoal that I completed some time ago, I feel that this piece signifies my growing maturity and becoming more comfortable with the human body in every way.
rbsamanthe Drawing, Charcoal
Untitled - nude A high contrast ink study. Out of proportion but elegant and mysterious at the same time.
JimHarris Ink, Brush
Female nude study A handsome image, made with interesting processes. Quite mysterious. Ambiguous.
JimHarris Ink, Brush
Nude in Chair Nude in Chair
brandonpsk Mixed Media