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Project SculptShore Canadian Conservation Corps members Eveline and Elizabeth founded this initiative to bring a new way for people to engage in conservation. They chose the North Atlantic right whale because the issues they face are dire and conservation outreach surrounding the issue tends to be very graphic and leave the viewer emotionally exhausted before they...
Tags: whale, conservation, oceans, plastic, shoreline, cleanup, art, action
SculptShore Sculpture
The Vast Oceans Set I created this to express how we are destroying the oceans and how beautiful they really are. This shows how the oceans were before, and how they used to teem with life, but now, with more fishing and sporting events, it is changing our oceans. It is causing dangerous animals to come close to shore due to rising water temperatures, and that is...
globalgallery Drawing, Pastel
Teach to protect the oceans Teach to protect the oceans I was inspired by the work of children in schools in the Life task
lhalba Collage
ronette Collage
Trash invading the oceans Trash ends up at the ocean and animals are dying do to this
Tags: ocean, plastic, waste, animals
mariajose04 Drawing, Pencil