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Submissions (48)

Thumbnail Title Description Artist Medium Rating
TAKEOFF The hazards of starting a career
3750 Painting, Acrylic
CASES off the POINT *
cybermutante 3D Graphics
Coffee Table
Photography, Colour
A Mug of Coffee Based on the images of mugs by Marco Fabiano. Oil on canvas.
morganbird Painting, Oil
stand off I drew this on a scrap piece of paper because i didnt really know what i was goin to draw at first and i didnt want to mess up my sketch book. I dont know what this means to me but i would like info on how to make my artwork better.
sinister-child Drawing, Pencil
Main Statue of Peterhoff This is the main statue of the Peterhoff Palace "pond"
arkaleel Photography, Colour
Inside Peterhoff Inside the beautiful Peterhoff Palace
arkaleel Photography, Colour
Vinyl-Sided Coffin We have died. We sit in our vinyl-sided coffins waiting for our bodies to catch up.
MeatIsMurder Photography, Black and White
Your Morning Cup of Coffee This was my first time experimenting with mixed media outside of art class. It is only newspaper and oils, but it is a start.
Artchickliz Mixed Media
Pele Goes Off When The Volcano erupts and spews out ash and smoke we sometimes catch glimpses of the Goddess "Pele" whom is the Volcano's Spirit or is it just a hallucenation.
SABO Painting, Oil