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Deepwater Horizon: 2010 Oil Spill Approximately 126.3 million barrels of oil have leaked into our oceans. What does the British Petroleum oil spill mean to you? Does it make you Angry? Sad? Hurt? Worried? Paint, sketch, take photos, illustrate, design, sculpt, or use any other medium to portray the oil spill through your eyes. Add your opinion to the discussion on this issue...
Elin Bogomolnik oil painting Oil painting on canvas. Painter Elin Bogomolnik. I work with oil colors on canvas. I prefer cubism, modern, contemporary styles. All my artworks are made with technique palette knife and brush.

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Tags: art, painting, canvas, original art, oil, city, urbanity
Painting, Oil
Amy's Video has the Bad Oil An article on page 11 of 'The Advertiser' newspaper on 4 April 2011 regarding the destruction behind palm oil plantations and DeforestAction's plan to stop it.
Tags: palm oil, orangutans, deforestaction, borneo, environment, sustainable, forests, deforestation, labelling, project borneo, food
Ames268 Print
Oil for Blood Project No comment
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Oil prices As US troops in Iraq stay, oil prices rise!
aymanelhakea Cartoons
Sanitation to all construct toilets Artist(s): Manshi Shendey Organization: Community Development Centre The project sanitation to all is planned to raise awareness on sanitation issues, There is huge problem to women due to unavailability of sanitation is rural and urban slums. This project worked at the community level also, children's raised this issue and designed posters and...
ayv Photography, Colour
Рыбацкий посёлок Fisherman's village Холст/картон/масло
Tags: Море, лодки, вода, живопись, холст, масло, / the sea, boats, water, oil painting on canvas, oil, contemporary ar
baltina Painting, Oil
Прибалтийская сакура (40х30) Baltic sakura холст/картон/масло
Tags: масло, весна, деревья, вишня, дом, солнце, пейзаж, oil, spring, trees, cherry, home, sun, landscape, contemporary art
baltina Painting, Oil
Велосипедисты (70х50) Сyclists Масло, велосипедисты, дом, город, пейзаж,современное искусство, Oil, cyclists, house, city, landscape, contemporary ar
Tags: масло, дом, город, пейзаж, oil, cyclists, house, city, landscape, contemporary ar
baltina Painting, Oil
Oil Sands Production, Digital, 2557 x 1125, 2017 The effect of Alberta's oil sands industry on the environment.
Tags: canada, edmonton, Oil sands, Greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation
bnguyen07 Painting
Bottom to top, I'm boiling hot!!! We have shown the earth struggling from extreme heat. We have shown the earth like a kettle, heated up by the stove of polluting chimneys, deforestation and vehicular pollution. All creatures are at risk, especially the poor polar bears and the docile penguins, whose homes are melting away under their feet! how much longer will mankind turn a...
Tags: environment, climate change, ocean awareness, global warming, Suncity School
clannapurna Painting, Acrylic