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Women's Rights: To Be A Woman Each woman should be equal in her rights to every other woman and man on Earth and, far too often, this is not the case. Discrimination is not only a history, but a process that is fueled every day. It goes beyond categories, builds categories like walls, and uses words like fences; Discrimination ignores basic rights and needs to be...
Hello Romania! A beautiful autumn week in Bucharest, Romania, during the European preparations for the World Summit on the Information Society in November 2003.
Womanhood In this series of digital art on the eternal theme of womanhood, the smooth and delicate curves of the feminine figure comes in all her glory. Like a river that curves along land, a woman's role and form changes with the undulting grace that can only be one of nature's own. Fused colours have come together in this fantastic flow of...
Feminine and Romantic Hi, Self portraits of me in feminine and romantic fashions

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Egyptian Woman Own Interpretation of Egyption Art.
Woman Power This is a very special piece. Measuring 2'x4', it is a portrait of woman with red henna on her arms and legs, in a butterfly bathing suit [collage elements] speaking in front of a Muslim mosque wall. Word is incorporated into the wall, blessings of ancestors and lyrics. Her necklace is inlaid with real quartz, opal, rose quartz and brass....
3delilahs Painting
DESERT WOMAN Electric Native American Goddess in the desert. Sand dune is spilling over with the blood of the ancestors. The dune creates an eye or egg effect in the background. Her jewelry is silver and turquoise. Contact artist at
3delilahs Painting, Acrylic
Old Colour When you go to future you still feel the past days..
Tags: oman, old, future, adi, world, change, love, squ, sultanate
AdiAbdullah Computer Graphics
feel the rhythm some times if not all the time we want to go back to the old days to set and listen to the life when it go .. when it in us ..
Tags: adi, oman, old, feel rhythm, feel, rhythm, squ, graphics, youth
AdiAbdullah Computer Graphics
Woman of Africa Complete submission is a sense of pride to African women She enjoys the best of the husband And completely secured in all ramifications There is no loop hole for the intuder So the love is sealed and enjoyed So life is sweet and long Against women liberation and women liberty Because in the first beginning women are never in captivity...
adisart Painting
Our Culture This painting sumarizes Oman's rich culture in color strokes and lines
Tags: oman, culture
aliya87 Painting
Conversation This painting captures a moment from a crowd where two women steel a moment from their bussy day to wisper a secret to each other
Tags: oman, culture
aliya87 Drawing, Chalk
Little Woman
alukes Photography, Colour
Woman and men Real and ureal images come into one in a space of photography. The world created has a different meaning from the one existing. woman...she is looking...but we dont know anything about them...
Anastassiaz Photography, Colour