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WOW Zone students create buildings on Sketch Up!
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
Organic Garden postcards from Sierra Leone
unit one
One Nation Run Team
One World How I wish for the whole world become one without discrimination. I love it.
one day

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Replication of E. Burnes-Jones Work Angel. Acrlic on Canvas.
One Flap. Brandon Adama, age 18, G.P. Vanier Secondary, British Columbia One Flap. The knowledge of one person can in theory spread through everybody exponentially
Sitting Alone
Photography, Colour
Imprisoned Hope Laura Bydlowska, age 17, St. Mary's Catholic High School, Ontario Imprisoned Hope Only when we learn to share will the constrained and neglected butterfly of the malnourished break from its cocoon and fly along with the one liberated in the sky.
Mixed Media
No One is Illegal Criminalizing people based on where they were born is a violation of human rights. No one is illegal!
Sweetness Forever Gone This artwork is by Doris from Macklin P.S.
Drawing, Pencil-crayon
One Impact Sydney Truelove, age 15, Stratford Central Seccondary School, Ontario One Impact Everyone has the right to an education. The crushing cycles of illiteracy can be broken. We can do many things to help with this major issue. We can make the people aware, make everyone aware of what is happening in our world.
Drawing, Pastel
Flash Animation
Honey Pots A fluid sensual form. Fibreglass, 6ft x10ftx15ft
69 Sculpture
Honey Pots a little closer as before
69 Sculpture